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Langford’s Inns

Until recently our research into the Inns of Langford had concluded that both The Langford Inn, formerly The White Hart Inn, and the Green Dragon Inn (located close by Richmond House)  were flourishing in the late 1600’s as revealed by the accommodation entry in the Inns and Alehouses ledger of 1686 ( see Gallery ). We now […]


LANCET  (Langford and Churchill Environs Team) was formed in 2008 as a result of an initiative by Vince Russet, the County Archaeologist, to establish local community archaeology based groups to tackle local projects. During 2008, the group met on several occasions to survey an old enclosure in Dolebury Woods close to the Iron Age fort […]

Jill Polak – Notes on Resistivity Survey

Stepstones Notes    Jill Polak     22/08/2009       TR/CIA resistivity kit (CBA South West)20 x 20 metre grids, with readings at 1 metre intervals Top of grids is north and first traverses made from SW corners facing north. The base line was along the northern boundary of the field, at least 40 metres north of the edge of […]