Monthly Archives: January, 2010

1885 Ordnance Survey Map of the parish of Burrington

In early 2009, Stefan Marjoram took some detailed digital images of the earliest Ordnance survey map showing the parish of Burrington. The survey was carried out in 1882 and 1883, and finally published in 1885. This is a particularly fine example as it has been hand painted. To see the plan, please click here, and […]

1838 Burrington Tithe Map

Early in 2009, Stefan Marjoram took some very detailed digital  images of the Burrington tithe map of 1838.  These were taken directly from the Burrington Parish Council’s map and enable you to see in great detail the plan of your house and /or its location. Click here to see the map, and follow the guidelines to […]

Manorial Court Rolls

The History Group has recently been given access to a remarkable archive of Court Rolls for the manors of Langford, Whatley and Whatman’s Brent.  The records that have been examined so far date from 1449  to 1777.   They give the names of the tenants and details of their tenancies.  They thus provide a record of Langford […]

An Early History of North Somerset

A paper published by Wallace F Butler produced in 2008. Please see the gallery section for a full version. This document includes a detailed account of the early settlers in North Somerset, the Romans, the Saxons and a comprehensive Domesday Survey for this area, covering the new, largely Norman land owners with the size of their […]