John Rocque maps

 We are currently seeking financial help and  support to have one of the John Rocque maps restored.

An excellent description of these maps can be found by visiting the Links page, clicking on the “Wrington Village Records” site and going to page 39.

These maps dating from 1738 represent the earliest available detailed maps of the parishes of Wrington and Burrington. They were commissioned by the Rt Hon William Pulteney to cover surveys of the Manor of Wrington and its tithings.

The maps eventually ended up at Bennett’s the solicitors in Wrington who handed them over to the Bristol Record Office (BRO) for safe keeping.  A total of four maps are thought to exist.

1. The 1739 map of the Manor of Wrington, which is in poor shape and not fit for public viewing or for restoration.  See Gallery image under “John Rocque” to appreciate the condition of this map!

2. The 1738 Wrington tithing , which is available for viewing at the BRO

3. The 1738 Broadfield tithing, also available for public viewing at the BRO

4. The 1738 Burrington tithing, not available for viewing but considered restorable. It is this John Rocque map that we are seeking to raise money to have restored.

These maps are 100 years earlier than the tithe maps of 1838, which have been used extensively in our research and publications, and will be a valuable aid in our study of the early 18th Century development of the Wrington Vale. We are in the process of digitising the maps for inclusion on our website.

John Rocque went on to map many cities including Bristol and Dublin, and in 1746 his engraving of London was considered to be the finest and most accurate of the city. He became the official cartographer of the Prince of Wales in 1751.

In addition there exists another map of the Manor of Wrington dated 1832 comprising the parishes of Wrington and Burrington. This was commissioned by W.H. Vane, Marquis (later) Duke of Cleveland, who had inherited the estate, and was produced by J.M.Tucker of Bristol. This is also in poor condition and  not available for public inspection.  However, along with the Rocque map of Burrington, a quotation for their restoration and conservation has been obtained, and we are seeking financial support to pay for this work .

In addition to a pledge from the Mendip Society, funding has also been promised from Wrington Parish Council, Burrington Parish Council and private donors. The Langford History Group is also willing to make a donation to the restoration. We hope that by the early summer the restored maps will also be available for viewing at the BRO and here on our website.

Anyone wishing to help with this project, should get in touch with us.