1885 Ordnance Survey map of Churchill Parish

In May 2010, Stefan Marjoram took some detailed digital images of the earliest Ordnance Survey map of Churchill Parish. The survey was carried out in 1882 and 1883, and finally published in 1885. This is a particularly fine example as it has been hand painted, and covers some of the adjacent parishes of Congresbury, Sandford and Burrington. The original map is in the Memorial Hall in Ladymead Lane, and was only recently rediscovered; thanks to the efforts of Neville Lee and the Weston Mercury for recording the unveiling ! It is hoped to have the map on public view from time to time, but you will be able to study it in great detail by clicking on the link below.

To see the plan, please click here, and follow the instructions to navigate the map.

We are hoping to publish more maps as they become available as an aid to our readers wishing to research their neighbourhoods.