Monthly Archives: January, 2011

Paule Vezelay (1892 – 1984)

Well known local artist, David Cuthbert, introduced us to another prominent Bristol artist, Paule Vezelay, nee Margaret Watson-Williams. She had studied at Bristol and the Slade Art School before moving to Paris in the 1920s where she became involved with the Surrealists, and lived for many years  with Andre Masson.  Her style developed over the years, and was […]

Old cine film of Somerset

We have recently been contacted by Trevor Bailey who is searching for old cine films of Somerset. He is involved with a charity that has funds to digitise old cine films, and to show them to the communities.  He had heard of the Sidney Hill films of Langford House, which John Hunt has recently had digitised. These are […]

John Tucker 1832 map

A preview of this map is included in the Gallery section. Stefan Marjoram has just completed working on the stitched map. It is an enormous digital map, 42,000 x 22,000 pixels, and virtually seamless. It provides a splendid opportunity to view our villages as they were, in great detail, from the comfort of your own PC! […]