Past Events

  • Thu, Sep 10th '20
    Arnos Vale; Now and Then  CANCELLED

    Zoom talk on the 1895 Auction of the Wrington Estate
    John Gowar 
  • Thu, Jul 9th '20
    Makers of Bristol.  A tour of Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol.  CANCELLED
    Anita Rhodes 
  • Thu, May 14th '20
    Slavery and the Country Houses of the West Country   CANCELLED
    Madge Dresser 
  • Thu, Apr 9th '20
    Roman Army Finds, Fact and Fiction  CANCELLED
    John Smith 
  • Thu, Mar 12th '20
    The Monmouth Rebellion and Judge Jefferies
    Jon Jefferies 
  • Thu, Feb 13th '20
    WRINGTON:  Village, Parish, Manor; origins and boundaries
    John Gowar 
  • Thu, Jan 9th '20
    Thankful Villages
    Steve Osman 
  • Thu, Dec 12th '19
    A Festive Social Event
    Members' Evening 
  • Thu, Nov 14th '19
    The Lost City of Bristol
    Clive Burlton 
  • Thu, Oct 10th '19
    Tyntesfield - Progress & Discoveries
    Jenny & Terry Stevens 
  • Thu, Sep 12th '19
    The Bristol Seamen's Mission
    Phillip Auden 
  • Thu, Jul 11th '19
    Details to be announced
    Social Event/Outing 
  • Thu, May 9th '19
    The Voyages of Cabot
    Evan Jones 
  • Thu, Apr 11th '19
    'I was a 16th Century Kitchen Maid'
    Kay Wych 
  • Thu, Mar 14th '19
    AGM  followed by:

    The Canons' Houses at Wells
    Alex Kolombos 
  • Thu, Feb 14th '19
    Milk & Molecules: what organic residues tell us about Stone-age Britain
    Julie Dunne 
  • Thu, Jan 10th '19
    The Bristol Camera Obscura
    Mary Coward 
  • Thu, Dec 13th '18
    Local History Quiz
    A Social Evening with Mulled Wine and Mince Pies 
  • Thu, Nov 8th '18
    Our Personal Tributes to WWI
    Members' Evening 
  • Thu, Oct 11th '18
    Every Boy will join the Navy - Bristol Training Ship, The Formidable
    Shirley Hodgson 
  • Thu, May 10th '18
    Gardens of the Wills Houses
    Glenda Bryan 
  • Thu, Apr 12th '18
    Commercial Archaeology Uncovered
    Frances Ward 
  • Thu, Mar 8th '18
    Domesday Book and the locality
    Frank Thorn 
  • Thu, Feb 8th '18
    The History of the SS Great Britain
    Brian Aston 
  • Thu, Jan 11th '18
    Battle of Britain over Mendip
    John Smith 
  • Thu, Dec 14th '17
    A Musical Evening with Minced Pies & Mulled Wine

    To be held in Langford House
    The Lost Sheep 
  • Thu, Nov 9th '17
    From a Cockney Royal Fusilier to a Kilted Military Policeman of the 51st Highland Division
    Jo Fryer 
  • Thu, Oct 12th '17
    The Lost White City of Bristol
    Clive Burlton 
  • Thu, Sep 14th '17
    Wrington Village Hospital
    Mark Bullen 
  • Thu, Jul 13th '17
    A visit to the Bishop's Palace & Garden
    An Excursion to Wells 
  • Thu, Jun 8th '17
    Alfred Plumley - The diary of a Burrington Lad, born 1879
    David Wilkins 
  • Thu, May 11th '17
    Bristol's Australian Pioneer and the WW1 Hospital at Bishop's Knoll
    Chris Stephens 
  • Thu, Apr 13th '17
    AGM followed by An Evening of Military Recollections
    Members' Evening 
  • Thu, Mar 9th '17
    The Evolution of the Mendip Landscape
    James Bond 
  • Thu, Feb 9th '17
    The Vagrant Children of Bristol
    Shirley Hodgson 
  • Thu, Jan 12th '17
    The Tanneries of Langford
    Alex Kolombos 
  • Thu, Dec 8th '16
    Mulled wine, mince pies and musical entertainment

    To be held in the Conference Room in Langford House
    A Christmas Celebration 
  • Thu, Nov 10th '16
    A Walk Through Lower Langford in 1840.
    John Gowar 
  • Thu, Oct 13th '16
    Churchill Court
    John Murray 
  • Thu, Sep 8th '16
    Tyntesfield - the family, house and vision
    Jeannie & Terry Stevens (National Trust) 
  • Thu, Aug 11th '16
    Dave Wallace 
  • Thu, Jun 9th '16
    Frances, Countess Waldegrave:  a Nineteenth-century Society Hostess
    Tony Antonovics (University of Bristol) 
  • Thu, May 12th '16
    Unfortunately, this month's meeting has had to be cancelled 
  • Thu, Apr 14th '16
    Local Archaeological Treasures
    Kurt Adams (Bristol Museum) 
  • Thu, Mar 10th '16
    "It shouldn't happen to a writer"
    Michael Malaghan 
  • Thu, Feb 11th '16
    Down the Plughole
    Sue Goodland (Wessex Water) 
  • Thu, Jan 14th '16
    Members' Evening:
    Four Remarkable Rectors (of Wrington)
    A 13-year-old joins the Raj
    John Gowar & Jane Dixon 
  • Thu, Dec 10th '15
    Musical Group Quartet 
  • Thu, Nov 12th '15
    Hannah More
    Film (Alex Kolombos) 
  • Thu, Oct 8th '15
    Spinning Wheels
    Sarah Harris 
  • Thu, Sep 10th '15
    Druids in Britain
    Professor Ronald Hutton 
  • Thu, Jul 9th '15
    Members' Meeting:  Langford Industries
    Members (Jo Fryer) 
  • Thu, Jun 11th '15
    Transportation to Australia
    Paul Cope 
  • Thu, May 14th '15
    The Three BACs
    Bill Morgan 
  • Thu, Apr 9th '15
    The History of Bristol Water and Blagdon Lake
    Hajira Khushnood 
  • Thu, Mar 12th '15

    The Land Speed Record: from 39 to 1000 mph.
    Stefan Marjoram 
  • Thu, Feb 12th '15
    The Strawberry Line - Past, Present & Future
    Lois Brenchley 
  • Thu, Jan 8th '15
    Old Bristol & Old Postcards
    Mike Britton 
  • Thu, Dec 11th '14
    The history of the banjo with illustrations.

    Mulled wine and mince pies.
    Steve Price 
  • Thu, Nov 13th '14
    Clifton Suspension Bridge
    Mike Rowlands 
  • Thu, Oct 9th '14
    Village Witchcraft
    Prof. Ronald Hutton 
  • Thu, Sep 11th '14
    Frances Sage, Queen of Bath - A local story of Georgian England
    Prof. Chris Stephens 
  • Sat, Aug 2nd '14
    Walking Beckford's Ride

    A guided walk from Lansdown Crescent in Bath to Beckford's Tower followed by a picnic or pub lunch.
    Amy Frost 
  • Thu, Jul 10th '14
    Windmills & Millers in Somerset
    Sarah Harris 
  • Thu, Jun 12th '14
    Did you know?
    Jo Fryer & members 
  • Thu, May 8th '14
    Jane Austin
    Jane Dawes 
  • Thu, Apr 10th '14
    AGM  followed by:

    Burrington in World War One
    Jacky Kerly, Mary Coward, Mike McLennan 
  • Thu, Mar 13th '14
    Tools of the Trade
    Mike Horler 
  • Thu, Feb 13th '14
    Learning Local History from Maps
    Veronica Bowerman 
  • Thu, Jan 9th '14
    Members' stories and queries.  Access to family history databases.
    Members family history evening 
  • Thu, Dec 12th '13
    North Somerset in Anglo-Saxon Times
    Michael Costen 
  • Thu, Nov 14th '13
    From Pillar to Post

    [Veronica Bowerman's talk: Learning Local History from Maps has been postponed until February.]
    Cyril Routley 
  • Thu, Oct 10th '13
    The Phillips Collection of Victorian Photographs
    Ann-Marie Wilkinson 
  • Thu, Sep 12th '13
    Some findings of YCCCART
    Chris Short 
  • Thu, Jul 11th '13
    Visit to Over Langford Manor
    Chris & Mamie Lee 
  • Thu, Jun 13th '13
    High-level Tour of Wells Cathedral followed by tea at 7 Cathedral Green
    Alex Kolombos 
  • Thu, May 9th '13
    The City of Wells
    Tony Scrase 
  • Thu, Apr 11th '13
    AGM  followed by

    William Beckford
    Dr Amy Frost 
  • Thu, Mar 14th '13
    The Architect of Weston - Hans Fowler Price
    John Crockford-Hawley 
  • Thu, Feb 14th '13
    Monastic Houses: local effects of Dissolution
    James Bond 
  • Thu, Jan 10th '13
    Family history evening
  • Thu, Dec 13th '12
    A West Gallery Christmas

    A musical entertainment with seasonal refreshments.
    Bristol Harmony 
  • Thu, Nov 8th '12
    Family History Evening
  • Thu, Oct 11th '12
    Annie Kenny
    June Hannam 
  • Thu, Sep 13th '12
    Wells Cathedral Library
    Another opportunity for a guided tour of this remarkable collection.

    Alex & Debbie Kolombos have kindly offered to entertain the Group to afternoon tea and members may wish to complete the visit by attending Choral Evensong.  Please note that this is an afternoon visit.
    Kevin Spears 
  • Thu, Jul 12th '12
    "Yeo Valley"

    The history and background of this successful local enterprise.
    Les Davies, MBE 
  • Thu, Jun 14th '12
    "The Bridge that killed"

    The story of a Bristol tragedy of 1855

    Mark Bullen 
  • Thu, May 10th '12
    The Rev. T. S. Whalley and his cousin Penelope: linking Mendip Lodge and Hotwells

    The talk explores some of the remarkable characters in the local social scene at the end of the 18th century.

    Chris Stephens 
  • Thu, Apr 12th '12

    followed by: Memories of Langford
    Ruth Weaver 
  • Thu, Mar 8th '12
    Trenches to Trams - the life of a Bristol tommy
    Clive Burlton 
  • Thu, Feb 9th '12
    Bristol Children's Help Society
    Richard Hyde 
  • Thu, Jan 12th '12
    500 years of local maps, a homage to John Rocque
    John Gowar and Alex Kolombos 
  • Thu, Dec 8th '11
    Artisan cheesemaking and tasting
    Trethowan Dairy 
  • Thu, Nov 10th '11
    Medieval Somerset Villages
    James Bond 
  • Thu, Oct 13th '11
    Over an hour of old cine film shot by Sidney Hill of Langford and Churchill from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. A wonderful glimpse of Langford and its characters.
    Sidney Hill Films 
  • Thu, Sep 8th '11
    Historic Somerset Gardens including Langford House
    Marion Mako  
  • Thu, Jul 7th '11
    Visit to Wells Cathedral Library, to start at 6.30pm
    Kevin Spears 
  • Thu, Jun 9th '11
    British Piers, fun and frivolity.
    Bob Tinker 
  • Thu, May 12th '11
    Ballooning in the Bristol Area, 1784 to 2000
    John Penny 
  • Thu, Apr 14th '11
    AGM followed by "Bloody Assizes, the Langford Connection?"
    Alex Kolombos 
  • Thu, Mar 10th '11
    Hannah More
    Echo Irving 
  • Thu, Feb 10th '11
    Farming in the Wrington Vale
    John Alvis 
  • Thu, Jan 13th '11
    Paule Vezelay, a remarkable Bristol Artist
    David Cuthbert 
  • Thu, Dec 9th '10
    My life with Shirehorses
    Mike Horler 
  • Thu, Nov 11th '10
    "A penny to go to School, a Victorian education"
    Jo Fryer 
  • Thu, Oct 14th '10
    The Somerset Assizes in the 19th Century
    David Pugsley 
  • Thu, Sep 9th '10
    Wells Cathedral Library
    Kevin Spears 
  • Sat, Jul 17th '10
    Burrington Fete to be held at Burrington House
    Burrington House 
  • Thu, Jul 8th '10
    Exploring Local Landscapes Using Old Maps
    Sue Shaw 
  • Thu, Jun 10th '10
    Visit to Gatcombe Court followed by wine and cheese party,  £7 for members, and £9 for non members. Meet at Gatcombe Court, Long Ashton at 7pm.
    Stella Clarke 
  • Thu, May 13th '10
    "When Weston was a village"
    Pat Hase 
  • Thu, Apr 8th '10
    AGM to be followed by a talk from Nicholas Hooper entitled  "Village Medicine in the Wrington Vale"  (Please note this is a change to the programme, Richard Storey's documentary drama on Annie Kenney has been moved to December 2010)
    Nicholas Hooper 
  • Thu, Mar 11th '10
    Metal Detecting, including the bronze age axe heads recently found in Lower Langford
    Bob and Dave Whalley 
  • Thu, Feb 11th '10
    England's last crime scene execution, Kenn, Somerset 1830
    Steve Poole 
  • Thu, Jan 14th '10
    "Landscape Archaeology in North Somerset"
    James Bond 
  • Thu, Dec 10th '09
    Christmas Special
    Colin Chapman 
  • Thu, Nov 12th '09
    My life as a wheelwright
    Mike Horler 
  • Thu, Oct 8th '09
    Bristol Curiosities
    Glynn Duggan 
  • Thu, Sep 10th '09
    Bronze Age Burial Sites ( to be confirmed)
    Dr Joshua Pollard 
  • Thu, Jul 9th '09
    Grandma's Garden, The Edwardian Garden.
    Yvonne Bell 
  • Thu, Jun 11th '09
    Visit to Churchill Court
    John Murray 
  • Thu, May 14th '09
    and An evacuee at Tyntesfield 1941/1942
    Phillipa Perks 
  • Thu, Apr 9th '09
    Supper at the Langford Inn with talk
    at Langford Inn 
    Alex Kolombos 
  • Thu, Mar 12th '09
    A History of Mendip Lead Mining 1600-1900
    Colin Budge 
  • Thu, Feb 12th '09
    Trials and tribulations of restoring Crowcombe Court, a Grade 1 Listed Somerset Georgian Country House
    Dr Patricia Smith 
  • Thu, Dec 11th '08
    100 years of Cider Making at Thatchers
    John Thatcher 
  • Thu, Nov 13th '08
    History of Bee Keeping
    Ivor Davis 
  • Thu, Oct 9th '08
    Chasing the tail of the hunter-gatherers in South West England
    Paula Goddard 
  • Thu, Sep 11th '08
    Postal history
    Cedric Prys-Roberts 
  • Thu, Jul 10th '08
    Visit to Banwell Caves
    Jo and team 
  • Thu, Jun 12th '08
    Sidney Hill Centenary
    Langford House 
  • Thu, May 8th '08
    Bone Caves of Banwell
    John Chapman 
  • Thu, Apr 10th '08
    Reminiscences of Langford life between the Wars
    Alex Kolombos and residents 
  • Fri, Apr 4th '08
    Inaugural meeting of LANCET ( Langford Community Archaeology project). Meet 10am at the Blagdon Water Garden Centre.
    at Blagdon Water Garden Centre 
    Vince Russett 
  • Thu, Mar 13th '08
    Community Archaeology and a possible "Langford Dig"
    Vince Russett 
  • Thu, Feb 14th '08
    A most appropriate subject for St. Valentines Day, Love and Marriage, Edwardian Style
    Yvonne Bell 
  • Thu, Jan 10th '08
    The history and tradition of Wassailing with figgy pudding and wassail to follow!
    Eric Holdaway 
  • Thu, Dec 13th '07
    The history of campanology – a talk and demonstration on the history of bell ringing
    Michael Horseman 
  • Thu, Nov 29th '07
    The Shapwick Project, a study of a Somerset village.
    Prof. Mick Aston 
  • Thu, Nov 8th '07
    The history of Winscombe
    Maria Forbes 
  • Thu, Oct 11th '07
    Sidney Hill - Langford's benefactor
    Peter Archer 
  • Thu, Sep 13th '07
    Restoring the stained glass of the Victorian summer House at Langford House
    Rita Hinton 
  • Thu, Jul 12th '07
    The history of Burrington church and village
    Christopher Marsden-Smedley 
  • Thu, Jun 14th '07
    Langford trail - a tractor and trailer ride to the houses featured in LHG's book 'Every House Tells a Story' to look at their exteriors and hear a potted history of each
    Jo and team 
  • Thu, May 10th '07
    A holiday diary from 1836 (includes visits to Weston-super-Mare)
    Pat Hase 
  • Thu, Apr 12th '07
    2 course meal at the Langford Inn
    at Langford Inn 
  • Thu, Mar 8th '07
    Dr Whalley at Mendip Lodge
    Chris Stevens 
  • Thu, Feb 8th '07
    Memories and memorabilia of the 50’s, to include the Golden Jubilee of Churchill Community School
    Jo and team 
  • Thu, Jan 11th '07
    John Vane, Rector of Wrington and Vicar of Burrington (1828-1870), the quest for his family, social and political connections.
    John Gowar