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Violet Graham painted many watercolours of our local area.   We have put together a collection of her pictures, kindly lent by their owners. This will be held in Holy Trinity Burrington on Saturday 4 May, Sunday 5 May and Monday 6 May between 10.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. Do please come along and see […]

Langford Tanneries – a History of a Local Industry

With the death of Mr ‘Tacker’ Morris, the hamlet of Lower Langford lost its final connection to an activity that had been important to it for several centuries: shoemaking.  Being situated in the centre of a cattle-rearing area, there was ready access to the most important raw material: hides for leather.  And, stretched out along […]

Collinson on Langford

The Rev. John Collinson’s remarkable three-volume The History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset was published in 1791.  It is organised by hundred and parish, with the result that “our” Langford is partly described in Volume 1 under Burrington and partly in Volume 3 under Churchill. In the Burrington entry, Langford is described as […]

The Brent family in Langford

Members of the family that came to take the surname “Brent” rose to prominence as landholders in north Somerset in 1254 when Robert de Brent was granted the manor of Cossington.  He held this three-hide estate from the Abbot of Glastonbury, Roger of Ford, in return for a knight’s fee.  That is, the obligation to […]

The Turnpike Controversies

When the burghers of Bristol petitioned Parliament to be allowed to erect gates and turnpikes on the highways leading out of the city and to charge tolls for their maintenance, the grounds given in the subsequent Act of Parliament (13 Geo 1, c.12, 1726) was that they had become “ruinous and bad (in the winter […]

Langford’s First World War Casualties

Following the publication of Burrington Parish in World War I, Jacky Kerly has collected together information about each of the eight men commemorated on the war memorial that stands outside St Mary’s Church in Langford.  Notes on each man are presented in the following articles. Photographs of the memorial and of some of the men can be […]

GEORGE EDWARD HILLING (1883 – 27 March 1917)

George Edward Hilling was born in 1883 in Winchester, the second son of George Hilling, a butler, and his wife, Agnes. George Snr, had previously been in service at Poringland House in Norfolk.  He and Agnes had six children. The two eldest, William Thomas (born 1881) and George Edward were born in Weeke. Then, after […]

WILLIAM DARE (1898 – 27th March 1918)

William was born in Dolberrow, in 1898.  He was the fifth of the six children of Barnard and Jane who had married in 1889.  Although born into a family of masons in Dolberrow, Barnard became a carpenter and in the 1911 census when he, Jane and their two youngest children were living at Langford Green, […]

JOHN STEMBRIDGE BURDGE (1895 – 1st July 1916)

John was born in Churchill in 1895. He was the last of the six children of Reuben and Emma Burdge. These were Mary, James, Elizabeth, William, Edith and John. Stembridge was the maiden name of his grandmother Mary who had been born in Bridport. She was still alive in 1911, aged 89, living in Says […]

LEWIS FREDERICK COX (1891 -25th May 1915)

Although Lewis is commemorated on both the St Mary’s and St James’ Church memorial, it has not been possible to find anything linking him directly to Langford. It seems likely that he was born in Butcombe in 1891, the eleventh of a family of fourteen children.  All but one were still living in 1911. Their […]