John Tucker 1832 map

A preview of this map is included in the Gallery section.

Stefan Marjoram has just completed working on the stitched map. It is an enormous digital map, 42,000 x 22,000 pixels, and virtually seamless. It provides a splendid opportunity to view our villages as they were, in great detail, from the comfort of your own PC!

As many of you will know Stefan lives in Saxon Street in Lower Langford and has kindly taken many of the photos that have appeared in our publications. He has also digitised many of the maps that we have been able to include on our site, which enable you to explore our local history going back nearly 300 years.

In addition to his work as a creative director for Aardman Animations he is an excellent artist, and I have included a link on our links page to his web blog where you can see much of his work.  He is currently working on sketches for the  Bloodhound vehicle that is hoping to attempt a new land speed record! Quite a contast to photographing Langford’s ancient houses. Do take time to visit his site, and enjoy his latest remarkable contribution to our site.

To see the plan, please click here, and follow the instructions to navigate the map.