1838 Burrington Tithe Map

Early in 2009, Stefan Marjoram took some very detailed digital  images of the Burrington tithe map of 1838.  These were taken directly from the Burrington Parish Council’s map and enable you to see in great detail the plan of your house and /or its location.

Click here to see the map, and follow the guidelines to navigate around the parish as it would have looked at that time. In addition thanks to John Gowar’s spreadsheet you can now see who owned and occupied each parcel of land. Click here to go to the spreadsheet and check the numbered entry. This sheet covers all of Burrington Parish and parts of Wrington.  The spreadsheet will allow you to sort the entries by plot number, land owner or occupier, enabling you to quickly identify who was living on your site at the time of the tithe apportionment.